See & Spray Ultimate

See & Spray Ultimate

See & Spray™ Ultimate

Uses computer vision and machine learning to target weeds in season in corn, soybean, and cotton, you can apply only what you need, and use more advanced tank mixes thanks to its dual-tank configuration. See & Spray Ultimate can help you save on inputs and improve your weed control.

Targeted, In-Crop Spraying

See & Spray Ultimate can reduce non-residual herbicide use by more than two-thirds by target spraying weeds. Delivering a targeted spray to weeds, applying herbicide only where needed. Plus, our ExactApply nozzle control technology helps reduce potential drift.

Efficient Weed Control

The sprayer's two tanks enable you to combat herbicide resistance by using two independent tank mixes in one pass, avoiding antagonism that occurs when certain inputs are combined. Go with 1,000-gallon total capacity (3,785L) or a 1,200-gallon (4,542L) option. Whether you’re after savings or an effective herbicide-resistant weed-elimination strategy, or both, See & Spray Ultimate serves every need.

Reduce Crop Stress

See & Spray Ultimate reduces crop stress by providing an effective weed-kill strategy, eliminating the chance weeds will rob plants of valuable nutrients and moisture, thus enabling crop roots to thrive. Plus, when using AutoTrac™ technologies, the sprayer will stay between rows and off the crop further reducing potential crop damage.

Cost Efficiency

Use Targeted Spraying to kill weeds at a lower cost by applying only what you need – when and where you need it. Or, with the dual-tank capability of See & Spray Ultimate, use different chemical mixes independently of each other and at different target rates – all on the same pass. Plus, the amount of herbicide saved during Targeted Spraying can be used for a second and third pass during the growing season to address weed control all season long. The dual-tank configuration lets you apply targeted spray and traditional broadcast at the same time, combining two passes in one to save you time and money. Target spray weeds and broadcast fungicide, or better manage weeds by applying a non-residual targeted spray and residual broadcast, all in one pass.

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See & Spray Ultimate

See & Spray Ultimate