JDLink Connect

JD Link

You can’t be everywhere at once, but with a JDLink™ modem and connection, you can easily pay attention to things that matter most, no matter where you are. JDLink connections allow machine and field data to flow automatically to the John Deere Operations Center™ application, making it visible and useful to you and your team. With a JDLink connection, you are always connected to the work in progress and can make timely adjustments to keep things moving, whether you are tilling, planting, applying, harvesting, managing your fleet, or maintaining your property.

JDLink connects you to: 

  • Your dealer, PrairieCoast equipment – You get peace of mind because you have proactive, remote dealer support that helps you get maximum value from your John Deere investments. Your dealer can personalize your support experience with remote machine health monitoring, service and maintenance, as well as insights and training.
  • Your equipment – Stay on top of your equipment's health and productivity. With access to monitor machines from anywhere, you can prevent or minimize work interruptions, solve problems, and keep your business running strong. By passing data from one machine to another, you can take time and guesswork out of jobs, ensuring consistently excellent results throughout your operation and growing cycle.
  • Your operation – Gain confidence with the information you are collecting in your Operations Center account. As you gather information from your operation, you get ready access to past performance, current progress, and future plans, so you can take confident steps toward greater efficiency, productivity, and profits.
  • Your team – Give your team the information and direction they need to do jobs accurately and on time. When you are connected, you are ready to handle the unexpected, guide others, adjust plans, and solve problems.
  • Your advisors – Easily exchange information with advisors who help you make decisions. With your permission, you can give them a clear view of  what's happening in your operation, allowing them to offer even more accurate, reliable advice.
  • John Deere – Know that you are running your operation with quality, durability, and innovation using John Deere tools and technologies that are fit for your purpose today and getting smarter all the time, because John Deere learns and innovates from a global network of connected customers.

Additional Features

•Stay informed on machine location and hours and track and analyze machine and fuel usage.

•Protect assets with geofence and curfew alerts.

•Keep your equipment running with maintenance tracking, preventative maintenance plans, Remote Display Access™ and Service ADVISOR™ Remote.

•Send setup, prescription and documentation files to your operators in the field with Wireless Data Transfer.