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Track and Coordinate All Your Vehicles and Equipment in John Deere Operations Center

Add to any vehicle in your fleet to track in real-time. Razor Tracking provides Fuel Monitoring, Safety Scorecards, Dispatching & Routing, JDLink Integration, Monitor Maintenance, Hours & Mileage Tracking, Geofencing, Vehicle Information, and much more!

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Tracking Devices

Learn about all the options Razor Tracking has to offer your operations.


The Premier Tracker is capable of real-time tracking, reporting engine data, and it can be used to implement the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Hours of Service (HOS) requirements and e-Log tracking via Bluetooth.


  • Real-Time Tracking Features
  • Records Speed & RPM
  • Oil Pressure, Temperature & Level
  • Tracks Odometer
  • Updates Several Times A Minute
  • Reports Fuel Level
  • Meets The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Hours Of Service (HOS) Requirements
  • Cellular GPS Locating
  • VIN Enabled


The Pro Tracker is designed as a powerful and compact size tracker with water-resistance. It is capable of real-time tracking and is ideal for aerial vehicles, utility vehicles, and small-engine vehicles. It provides accurate real-time information every 45 seconds.

Razor Pro

  • Records Speed & Direction
  • IP67 Compliant
  • 99.9% Cellular GPS Uptime 
  • VIN Enabled                                                                                                                     

Solar Hybrid

The Solar Hybrid Tracker has a rechargeable battery, power harness, internal antenna and magnetic craddle for easy installation. It’s ideal for trailers, pull behinds, NH3 bars, nurse trailers and other assets. When the Solar Hybrid tracker is stationary it pings twice a day, in motion every five minutes, and if it’s connected to power you will be able to watch it ping in real-time every 20-30 seconds.

Solar Hybrid

  • Updates every 5 minutes
  • If connected to power updates every 30 seconds                                                                               


Razor Tracking’s battery-powered asset trackers are recommended for trailers, tanks, anhydrous, NH3 bars, borrowed equipment, limited-movement equipment, high-value equipment, and tools.


  • Device Updates Every 12 Hours
  • Battery Life Of 3-5 Years
  • Reports Time, Distance & Direction
  • Movement Alerts                                                                                                               


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Razor Tracking Inquiry