PrairieCoast CareConnection

At PrairieCoast equipment, we're committed to fostering a culture of mental health awareness. Through PrairieCoast CareConnection, we aim to provide support and resources to our valued customers, employees, and broader community. By partnering with Provincial Health Services, DoMore AgTalk, and Homewood Health, we're dedicated to breaking the silence surrounding mental health and ensuring everyone feels comfortable seeking help when needed. Join us in breaking the stigma and prioritizing mental health.

4H BC Gator Lottery

We pride ourselves in being an active part of our local 4-H community. We run the John Deere Gator lottery each year with 4-H British Columbia. We donate a Gator XUV for the lottery and the local clubs sell draw tickets and local events, fairs, at tradeshows, and online. This lottery generates over $70,000 in ticket sales for their organization each year.

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Green Apron Project

The Green Apron Project

PrairieCoast equipment is dedicated to giving back to the communities where we live and work. Volunteerism plays an important role in our culture and through the Green Apron Project, we are able to provide a place for our community-minded employees to give back.

The Green Apron Project is the official charitable arm of PrairieCoast equipment. The Project focuses on the cities and towns that PrairieCoast calls home. Its primary objective is to fulfill our mission of feeding our communities.

One way the Green Apron Projects gives back is by partnering with Breakfast Club of Canada (BCC). BCC is a national organization which oversees breakfast programs in approved schools across Canada. With over 200 schools in Western Canada on BCC’s waitlist we feel there is an opportunity to make an immediate, positive impact on those who need it most – our children. We recently completed a donation to BCC of $240,000 and 2,400 volunteer hours. Prior to Covid-19, our staff was involved in going in to local schools each week to serve the children breakfast. 

Other Community Initiatives

PrairieCoast equipment is proud to be a continued supporter of local community events, Agriculture organizations, and charities. Please reach out to your local PrairieCoast equipment if you have a sponsorship you would like us to consider.