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See what the future of agriculture could look like with advanced Precision Ag technology.

See how technology is changing the way farmers operate.

Our Precision Ag team consists of 6 knowledgeable experts who are constantly learning new ways to help you maximize your efforts in the field. With our product knowledge of John Deere's fast changing farming technology we are here to help you perform better. 

The winning combination isn’t just the seed you plant and the equipment you run, there are a lot of factors along the way that need to be implemented to make sure you get the best possible return from your farms crop production. Our Precision Ag team plays a vital role in our business helping our clients optimize their equipment and working with them to find the best solutions for your farm. Our team of experts ready to provide you with exceptional support. Talk to us today and let us show you some of the tools and packages that can help you

We can show you tools such as: 

JDLink which allows you track which machines are working and if they are working properly and to their utmost productivity and efficiency. 

Operations Center lets you collect, access, analyze, and share data…on your computer, tablet, or phone ...from your office, truck, or fields. One look tells you where all your equipment and people are. You can route the right people to the right place to do the right job, and ensure they have the tools and fuel they need. You can even view your machine’s displays remotely. Collect data across the full growing season, and use it to make better decisions.

Our Optimization packages outline some of the specifics on how we can optimize your equipment. 

Crop Reporting & Weather Stations. With the aid of a weather station you can see directly how the weather is impacting your field, get day by day reports on how much much rain your field is seeing and how much moisture is actually getting into the ground. 

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