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The JDLink M Modem (4G) is an easy-to-install, low-lifetime-cost product that brings connectivity to compatible machines in your fleet - regardless of equipment brand or age*. The M Modem seamlessly delivers valuable location, machine performance, and agronomic data (John Deere Display required) to the John Deere Operations Center where you can manage your operation, keep your machines running at peak performance and share data with agronomists, dealers, and others if you choose.
The M modem gives you one portal for seamless data flow, automated data transfer and remote dealer support. That connection with your dealer provides machine monitoring, fleet management, machine maintenance plans and important machine alerts.
With all your machines (Deere and non-Deere alike) connected in this one way, you get a consistent, reliable view of your data, your equipment, and the activities of your operation. Say goodbye to the hassles of incompatibility, complicated telematic devices. With the M Modem linking you to the John Deere Operations Center, you can get connected easily and get down to the business of farming.
The M modem is an option for you if:
•    You run older machines that didn’t come with built-in modem
•    You own a mixed fleet and want all data to go into Operations Center
•    You rent smaller tractors that didn’t come with built-in modem

Introductory pricing - $800

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