Automation 4.0

Automation 4.0

With John Deere Automation 4.0 for Gen 4 CommandCenter, one package gets you all the latest Automation technologies!

Gen 4 Command Center



  • Use data from planting – or strip till and planting – to automatically create full-field guidance lines for secondary passes

  • Set-up time for secondary operations is faster and crop damage is reduced as guidance is based on actual planted crop rows

  • Know which rows to start on, regardless of equipment width, even in down crops

  • Available as part of the Automation 4.0 Package

AutoTrac™ Turn Automation


  • Focus on the job to make necessary adjustments and better agronomic decisions on the go

  • Watch your tractor and implement more closely and make proactive adjustments instead of reactive fixes

  • Closely watch for damaging obstacles such as rocks, washouts, or holes

  • Hands-free operation means you can work longer with less stress                                   

AutoTrac™ Implement Guidance

Autotrac Implements

  • Add a second StarFire™ receiver on your implement so your tractor can guide the implement with more accuracy

  • Maximize use on inputs by increasing repeatability at the implement

  • Maintain even more accuracy on curved passes and sloping terrain

Machine Sync

Machine Sync

  • Automate unloading on-the-go in order to reduce machine-to-machine interactions and allow operators to focus on operation

  • Monitor combine grain tank fill level

  • Increase efficiency by showing multiple machines in the field at the same time

  • Share coverage map and guidance lines for increased efficiency and complete field coverage when two machines are working in the same field              

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