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15% Off Select Time Saving Compact & Utility Tractor Attachments

Get Efficient! Simplify the tasks at hand with select Canopies, iMatch, Quik-Knect, Load-N-Go, Tool Storage and more now on sale!

CUT Parts

* Get 15% off the agreed upon price of select attachments for 1-5 Series Compact & Utility Tractors, to be applied to the total before applicable sales tax, shipping rates and delivery charges. Maximum discount of $500. Offer valid from April 1, 2024 to June 30, 2024 or while quantities last. May be discontinued or modified at any time. No cash value. Some conditions apply, see PrairieCoast for details. Financing on approved John Deere Financial credit only. See your Multi-Use Account dealer or merchant for complete details.

Parts included in the promotion:

5TITE511329, 5WS812425, 5WS812430, 5WS812435, 5WS812450, 5WS812455, 5WS812460, 5WS812466, 5WS812470, 5WS812475, 5WS812480, 5WS812485, 5WS812490, BLV10953, BLV11177, BLV11178, BLV11199, BLV11200, BLV11201, BLV11202, BLV11203, BSJ10277, BSJ10341, BSJ10595, BW15056, BXX10241, BXX10321, BXX10354, BXX10589, BXX10590, BXX10591, C2887A, C2887G, C358BK, C7481A, C7481B, C7481G, C7481O, C7481R, C7482R, LP19969, LVB25332, LVB25334, LVB25976, RE266928, RE270484, TY27545

Bundle ‘N’ Save 15% - Combine Parts Special

Our Bundle 'N' Save promotion on select combine wear parts is here from May 1 to August 31! Maximize your equipment's performance and longevity while enjoying exclusive discounts. Act now to save big during this limited-time offer. Contact us today to order and upgrade your combine with top-quality wear parts!

• Pick 3 or more select part categories
    • Knife Sections
    • Knife Guards
    • Chopper Knives
    • Draper Belts
    • Concaves
    • Threshing Elements
    • Separator Tines
    • Augers
• Purchase $400 or more in each category
• Save 15% on your purchase of select category parts

Combine Pick 3

* Get 15% off genuine John Deere combine parts when you purchase $400 or more in at least 3 of the 8 combine parts categories (Knife Sections, Knife Guards, Chopper Knives, Draper Belts, Concaves, Threshing Elements, Separator Tines, Augers) from PrairieCoast equipment between May 1, 2024 and August 31, 2024. $400 worth of parts before applicable taxes must be purchased in at least 3 categories to receive 15% off. Offer not valid on previously purchased parts or attachments nor on attachment ordered as an option code. Offer has no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash. Other restrictions may apply. See PrairieCoast for details.

Parts included in the promotion:

AH169020, AH169021, AH141576, AH162154, AH162153, AH146322, AH146313, AH125894, AH136091, AH136635, AH136092, AH136636, AH146215, AH218485, AXE18078, AH202875, AH202881, AH124852, AH171550, AH140081, AH154962, AH171554, AH143731, AH143729, AH112435, AH143727, AH173593, AH173595, AH146786, AH168284, AH169620, AH146787, AH169621, AH147472, AH209421, AH146840, AH164070, AH169061, AH218246, AH202510, AH202519, AH223220, AXE18081, AXE18082, AXE12921, AXE56290, AH203021, AXE59539, AH230013, AH226068, AH211828, AH234554, AXE45389, AH232830, AXE17715, AXE69564, AXE69563, AXE53848, AXE53849, AXE18070, AH235525, AXE42895, AXE41770, AH95943, AH95944, AH107442, AH98212, AH143731, BXE11238, AXE89487, AXE59453, AXE89364, AXE88429, AXE77053, AH208891, AXE80154, AXE89495, AXE89496, AXE77069, AXE89361, AXE77068, AXE88052, AXE88983, AXE59452, AXE67539, AXE67834, AXE63406, AXE88150, AXE68034, AH141577, AH146554, AH146553, AXE98517, AXE89023, AXE92496, AXE12053, AXE12572, AXE36429, AXE31445, AXE35348, AXE36550, AXE35349, AXE36551, AXE36558, AXE36557, AXE36559, AXE39582, AXE39583, AXE39586, AXE39587, AXE39584, AXE39585, AXE80288, HXE190307, HXE190308, AXE87333, AXE88883, AXE88884, AXE88885, AXE80291, AXE80290, AXE80289, AXE89114, AXE89115, AXE89116, AXE89117, AXE82545, AXE90377, AXE90381, AXE90382, H170047, HXE167991, H210003, H163576, H241000, H79235, H177589, H152180, HXE175042, AXE90804, AXE90805, AXE90806, AH124635, AH205910, AH205909, AH225937, AH225940, KXE10255, KXE10256, AH171588, AH128359, KXE10761, H145791, H171031, H153719, H113571, H153855, H171032, H213508, H213405, H229540, H229539, H213507, H213398, H229538, H229537, H218701, H218702, HXE19625, H218703, HXE19623, HXE18172, AH226928, H228526, HXE156569, H213799, H213800, H207929, H207930, H168316, H153329, H163131, H215025, H215064, H163132, H226351, H226352, H226353, H226571, HXE63033, H161242, H201602, AH168298, BXE11144, BXE11145, AXE76999, AXE77000, BXE11457, BXE11458, AXE91114, BXE11581, BXE11582, AXE90830, AXE90831, AXE90832, BXE10387, BXE10388, BXE10389, BXE10390, BXE10391, BXE11375, BXE11376, BXE11577, BXE11578, BXE11579, BXE11580, AH167739, AH209118, AH216678, AH170608, AH209119, AH219770, AH219771, KXE10160, AH219773, AH216674, AH216675, AH216677, AH216570, AH216571, AH216572, AH216573, KXE10034, KXE10035, KXE10036, KXE10755, KXE10756, AH208554, AH209123, AH228817, AH209452, KXE10959, A-AH124852, A-AH169021, A-AH141577, A-AH141576, A-AH162154, A-AH162153, A-AH146322, A-AH146313, A-AH125894, A-AH136091, A-AH136635, A-AH136092, A-AH136636, A-AH146214, A-AH146554, A-AH146215, A-AH146553, A-AH218485, A-AXE18077, A-AXE18078, A-AH202875, A-AH202881, A-AH171550, A-AH154962, A-AH171554, A-AH143731, A-AH143729, A-AH112435, A-AH143727, A-AH173593, A-AH173595, A-AH146786, A-AH168284, A-AH169620, A-AH146787, A-AH168285, A-AH169621, A-AH147472, A-AH209421, A-AH146840, A-AH164070, A-AH169061, A-AH218246, A-AH202519, A-AH223220, A-AXE18081, A-AXE18082, A-AXE12921, A-AH203021, A-AH230013, A-AH226068, A-AH211828, A-AH234554, A-AXE18070, A-AH235525, A-AH123929, A-AH105856, A-AH95943, A-AH95944, A-AH107442, A-AH98212, A-AH139436, A-AH147909, A-AH150678, A-AH158880, A-AH160080, A-AH202773, A-AH21301, A-AH232955, A-AH233198, A-AH76154, A-C170, A-AH80500, A-B103, A-AH80505, A-AH84633, A-AH87127, A-AH87197, A-C83, A-AH96300, A-AH96333, A-AH98052, A-AKK17996, A-C93, A-C97, A-B95K, A-AN221500, A-C72, A-C102, A-AH163931, A-H118730, A-H115881, A-AH236689, A-HXE51101, A-B50K, A-C96, A-A120K, A-E46113, A-H101436, A-H101469, A-H101813, A-H103344, A-H108175, A-H108668, A-H108669, A-H110300, A-H110375, A-H110921, A-H111519, A-H112421, A-H113565, A-H113749, A-H118618, A-H125380, A-H125381, A-H125565, A-H126345, A-H128010, A-H128234, A-H131169, A-H132808, A-H134344, A-H134437, A-A55, A-H135458, A-H137207, A-H137264, A-H137670, A-H137830, A-H139963, A-H140404, A-H141166, A-H141167, A-H141429, A-H143700, A-H146636, A-H151952, A-H152146, A-H152180, A-H153297, A-H154723, A-H154731, A-H155998, A-H156796, A-H157104, A-H157726, A-H160171, A-H160405, A-H160406, A-H160654, A-H161339, A-H161648, A-H164452, A-H165708, A-H166870, A-H171386, A-H174885, A-H175467, A-H175628, A-H175632, A-H177177, A-H201334, A-H201571, A-H201596, A-H203473, A-H203474, A-H20407, A-H205169, A-H205240, A-H206048, A-H206807, A-H207851, A-H209507, A-H213353, A-H215389, A-H217352, A-H218645, A-H218726, A-H219182, A-H221273, A-H221731, A-H221733, A-H223212, A-H223230, A-H22529, A-H229018, A-H229019, A-H230909, A-H232997, A-H235564, A-H238822, A-H238831, A-H238867, A-H23950, A-H240895, A-H240972, A-H240974, A-H26858, A-H27433, A-H75816, A-H75846, A-H75847, A-H75911, A-H76028, A-H76030, A-H76136, A-H77010, A-H77019, A-H77683, A-H77765, A-H77766, A-H79235, A-H79236, A-H79285, A-H79789, A-H80159, A-H80896, A-H80897, A-H81222, A-H81742, A-H82479, A-H82724, A-H84462, A-H86060, A-H86061, A-H86271, A-H86272, A-H86273, A-H86275, A-H87648, A-H94373, A-H96408, A-H96414, A-H96421, A-H96422, A-H96423, A-H97929, A-HXE102288, A-HXE10501, A-HXE10556, A-HXE15556, A-HXE15594, A-HXE15671, A-HXE16928, A-HXE17071, A-HXE20763, A-HXE22617, A-HXE32548, A-HXE32806, A-HXE38073, A-HXE41402, A-HXE45928, A-HXE47152, A-HXE50398, A-HXE54503, A-HXE68015, A-HXE68016, A-HXE82335, A-HXE88564, A-HXE94488, A-HXE95511, A-HXE95935, A-HXE99294, A-N110085, A-P47885, A-R123522, A-HXE124870, A-HXE50399, A-AH205910, A-AH205909, A-H215004, A-AH225940, A-KXE10256, A-AH171588, A-AH89918, A-H218499, A-H215212, A-H229539, A-H229540, A-H229538, A-H229537, A-H153329, A-H163131, A-H215064, A-AH216573, A-AH216674, A-AH216675, A-AH216677, A-AH216678, A-TEB502, A-AH208554, A-AH209123, A-AH204423, A-AH150496, A-AH113442, A-AH113444, A-AH85396, A-AH113443, A-AH150497, A-AH108866, A-AH136605, A-V18059, A-AH206122, A-AH206174, A-AH205259, A-AH213234, A-AH209090, A-AH205259HB, A-AH205487, A-AXE28812, A-AH205254HB, A-AH207850, A-AH207851HB, A-AH209091HB, A-AH205260HB, A-AH213235, A-AH209091, A-AH206123, A-AH205255HB, A-AH207851, A-AH205260, A-AH206455, A-AH205488, A-AXE28958, A-AXE28955, A-V18027, A-V18054, A-V18058, A-AXE28957, A-V18026, A-V18029, A-H156272

15% Off Select Riding Lawn Equipment Attachments and Accessories

Take advantage of the savings until May 31st and take your residential lawn tractors / zero-turn mowers to the next level! Save on Mower Decks, Baggers, Blowers, MCS Material Collection Systems, Mulch Kits, Weights, Guards, and much more!

RLE Parts

15% program discount applies to qualifying orders of select RLE / Residential ZTrak attachments and kits, with a max discount of $400 per customer, sold between March 1, 2024 and May 31, 2024 at participating dealers. See PrairieCoast equipment for details and qualifying attachments. Savings applied to the total before applicable sales taxes, shipping rates, and delivery charges. Offer has no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer and may be discontinued or modified without notice at any time.

Parts included in the promotion:

AM140329, AUC12522, AUC13155, BG20029, BG20304, BG20470, BG20560, BG20627, BG20698, BG20727, BG20747, BG20748, BG20749, BG20755, BG20757, BG20758, BG20759, BG20763, BG20766, BG20768, BG20769, BG20822, BG20823, BG20826, BG20827, BG20847, BG20859, BG20863, BG20867, BG20912, BG20913, BG20917, BG20944, BG20945, BM17296, BM17327, BM17330, BM17347, BM17650, BM17869, BM17920, BM17964, BM17972, BM17976, BM17977, BM17978, BM17985, BM18089, BM18094, BM18101, BM18369, BM18370, BM18434, BM19090, BM19123, BM19406, BM19847, BM19894, BM19918, BM20007, BM20008, BM20384, BM20454, BM20455, BM20456, BM20482, BM20493, BM20505, BM20626, BM20671, BM20686, BM20715, BM20761, BM20779, BM20780, BM20827, BM20855, BM20877, BM20880, BM20921, BM20923, BM20925, BM20934, BM20942, BM20943, BM20960, BM20966, BM20982, BM20985, BM20986, BM20988, BM21289, BM21432, BM21480, BM21496, BM21497, BM21516, BM21536, BM21679, BM21680, BM21681, BM21682, BM21816, BM21817, BM21871, BM21873, BM21890, BM21914, BM21977, BM22144, BM22196, BM22326, BM22568, BM22594, BM22595, BM22596, BM22696, BM22697, BM22717, BM22725, BM22808, BM23054, BM23056, BM23057, BM23408, BM23448, BM23568, BM23569, BM23575, BM23588, BM23589, BM23634, BM23648, BM23761, BM23883, BM23975, BM23977, BM23978, BM24011, BM24275, BM24286, BM24357, BM24362, BM24363, BM24375, BM24379, BM24384, BM24423, BM24429, BM24430, BM24465, BM24481, BM24485, BM24510, BM24513, BM24514, BM24794, BM24810, BM24915, BM24993, BM24994, BM25033, BM25061, BM25062, BM25063, BM25065, BM25081, BM25082, BM25094, BM25251, BM25254, BM25255, BM25257, BM25258, BM25305, BM25306, BM25370, BM25391, BM25609, BM25775, BM25776, BM25887, BM26236, BM26237, BM26238, BM26239, BM26277, BM26278, BM26279, BM26280, BM26282, BM26300, BM26677, BUC10040, BUC10054, BUC10071, BUC10094, BUC10095, BUC10096, BUC10107, BUC10124, BUC10126, BUC10164, BUC10165, BUC10166, BUC10169, BUC10177, BUC10178, BUC10179, BUC10220, BUC10277, BUC10282, BUC10284, BUC10285, BUC10286, BUC10287, BUC10288, BUC10313, BUC10350, BUC10469, BUC10470, BUC10510, BUC10537, BUC10553, BUC10595, BUC10596, BUC10601, BUC10610, BUC10611, BUC10625, BUC10656, BUC10704, BUC10705, BUC10706, BUC10713, BUC10714, BUC10715, BUC10724, BUC10747, BUC10813, BUC10847, BUC10851, BUC10859, BUC10892, BUC10907, BUC10911, BUC10925, BUC10952, BUC10986, BUC10987, BUC11009, BUC11044, BUC11053, BUC11055, BUC11057, BUC11059, BUC11066, BUC11080, BUC11122, BUC11123, BUC11190, BUC11192, BUC11193, BUC11194, BUC11196, BUC11233, BUC11234, BUC11244, BUC11252, BUC11256, BUC11270, BUC11271, BUC11315, BUC11316, BUC11342, BUC11343, BUC11344, BUC11355, BUC11476, BUC11477, BUC11478, BUC11479, BUC11514, BUC11529, BUC11554, BUC11555, BUC11556, BUC11566, BUC11567, BUC11632, BUC11633, BUC11634, BUC11635, BUC11657, BUC11667, BUC11751, BUC11753, BUC11760, BW14313, BW15041, GXH63821Y, GY22479, TCB10953, TCB11469, UC13263, UC13499


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