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October Attachments Special

15% Off Select Fenders, Fender Attachments, and Extensions

Attachments Include:




Fender Extensions


Fender Attachments


Fender Brackets


Rear Fenders

This October save 15% off the purchase of select Fenders, Fender Attachments and Extensions for 1-5 Series tractors, Riding Lawn Equipment, and Gator Utility Vehicles. Protect your equipment! Maximum savings of $100, savings applied to the total consistent with applicable sales tax requirements and shipping/delivery charges. Offer valid October 1-31, 2022.


Parts included in this promotion: 
AL180326, AL180327, AL180328, AL180330, BLV10520, BLV10791, BLV10892, BLV10893, BLV10895, BLV10896, BLV10930, BLV10945, BLV10999, BM21536, BM22717, BM22811, BM22987, BM23394, BM23457, BM24429, BM24430, BSJ10044, BSJ10303, BSJ10307, BUC10247, BUC10567, BUC11375, BW15741, BW16094, BW17042, ER064761, ER064762, ER064763, ER064764, ER064765, RE244870, RE270320, RE271547

October Parts Special

Rotary Cutter Shredding Attachments 

Save 12% off select Rotary Cutter Shredding Attachments for 1518, HX15, CX15, HX20, CX20 and M20. Get more done and cut through tough fields!

Rotary Cutter Shredding Attachments

*Offer valid October 1, 2022 to October 31, 2022

Parts included: BW15812, W43563, AW31782, AW31717, AW28678. Some restrictions apply, see PrairieCoast equipment for complete details.

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