Equipment Ownership

Ownership & Repair

Our customers expect dependable equipment with minimal downtime. PrairieCoast recognizes there will be times when your equipment is down. Our company supports your ability to maintain, diagnose, and repair your equipment. John Deere provides detailed product information, software solutions, and industry-leading parts support required to minimize downtime.

When you buy John Deere equipment from PrairieCoast, you own the equipment and can choose to personally maintain or repair the product. When you require help, PrairieCoast provides certified technicians and parts personnel to assist with your repair, either in person, at the dealership, or remotely connected to your equipment.

John Deere equipment today is engineered to the highest technical and environmental standards. To do so, it utilizes advanced software. PrairieCoast does not condone altering equipment from their engineering standards. Doing so can pose a risk to not just the current owner and their employees, but other equipment operators, future owners, our employees who work on the equipment, and the environment. We take the safety of our customers and the environment seriously. Altering the equipment from their engineering standards puts everyone at risk.
We are invested in helping our customers be successful. For additional questions on the ownership and repair resources we provide, please contact our Corporate Service Manager. For industry commitments on repair, please visit here.

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