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A PrairieCoast Overview

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A PrairieCoast Overview


At PrairieCoast equipment we value our employees. A significant portion of PrairieCoast equipment is owned by employees! To us it’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle which is why we offer benefits such as:

  • Employee Share Ownership Program (ESOP)
  • Healthcare coverage: Dental | Eye Care
  • Health Insurance
  • RRSP Matching
  • Supplemental Employment Benefits
    • Provides apprentices attending school a top-up to their EI benefits to 95% of regular weekly earnings
  • Ongoing Training
  • Employee recognition awards
  • Employee discounts at local businesses
  • Flexible Hours & Vacation time
  • Stat holidays
  • Plus so much more!

Events & Activities

We're always hosting fun events and competitions to keep PrairieCoast's great employee morale alive and strong! Staff events occur throughout the year across our branches. They range anywhere from BBQ lunches, to company-wide contests, to a branch-wide walk off competition, to annual Christmas parties.

Giving Back

PrairieCoast has also established it's own charity, the Green Apron Project. Through this charity, a handful of employees are given time during work hours to help serve breakfast to children in need at their local schools. We also provide other opportunities throughout the year for staff members to volunteer their work hours to give back through Green Apron. We know that we can make a difference in our own communities and we have just the team to do it.

Green Apron

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