The PrairieCoast equipment Story

John Deere PrairieCoast equipment Perform Better

On November 1, 2009, 4 John Deere dealers throughout British Columbia and Northern Alberta merged together to create PrairieCoast equipment. Peace Farm Power, Friesen Equipment, Greenway Equipment and Greenline Equipment joined forces and expertise to create the best experience for all of their customers. PrairieCoast equipment was created to meet the needs of the proactive consumer who wants more than goods. People are constantly seeking equipment solutions to meet their very specific needs, and PrairieCoast equipment is a company that will support them in their buying decisions.

Superior Quality and a Trusted Tradition is the standard PrairieCoast equipment has been recognized for by John Deere Co. and our customers. With over 38 years of industry experience, PrairieCoast equipment sets the industry benchmark in customer-based solutions. "For our customers, everything is driven by how to best meet their needs with equipment solutions that work and staff that will do whatever it takes to meet those needs," comments Dennis Landis, PrairieCoast equipment, former CEO. 

PrairieCoast equipment helps meet the needs of the full time producer in dairy, beef, poultry, hogs, grain and specialty crops, in addition to golf course maintenance, commercial landscape and governmental lawn and grounds care fields. The part time producer or those folks that choose the acreage or cottage lifestyle also benefit from a company fully committed to their specific equipment needs. Some of the many strengths of PrairieCoast equipment are seen in enhanced delivery and greater inventory at all ten locations. Service and parts knowledge is boundless, along with a parts inventory that leads the industry.

People that work the land are passionate; from the acreage owner creating the perfect hideaway or a golf course superintendent up at dawn preparing the course, to the full and part-time producers that put food on our tables every day. This fundamental relationship to the land is the bedrock of our country and is what inspires us as a company. From the vast Prairie's of northern Alberta, through the rich orchards of the interior to the rocky shores of the Vancouver Island, PrairieCoast equipment is committed to matching the passion that people feel for the land with the best people, quality equipment, unmatched support and industry leading service.

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