Work Hard: Heppell's Potato Corp

posted on Friday, April 7, 2017 in Blog

12,000 metric tons of potatoes, 450 tons of squash, 600 tons of pumpkins, 10,000 tons of corn silage: that’s the annual output at Heppell’s Potato Corp, a company that started as a humble family farm in Surrey, BC nearly a century ago.

When Wes Heppell and Pete Schouten took the reins of the family business in the 1990’s, they took over an operation whose success was grounded in innovation – from pioneering earlyseason potato farming methods to starting a regional marketing co-op to embracing GPS technology.

That spirit of innovation remains central to Heppell’s success today, allowing almost 70 staff to maximize yields from more than 1500 acres of farmland, spanning multiple properties from Surrey to Chilliwack. But to meet 21st century farming demands, they need innovative farm equipment solutions. Here’s where John Deere and PCE come in.

Working with Pete, Wes, Heppell’s General Manager, Mias Vandenberg, and Farm Equipment Manager, Jordan Vorhorst, we customized an equipment lease program to ensure Heppell’s always has the newest, most advanced technology in the field.

Their fleet of 7R and 8R tractors, complete with loading, cultivating and rototilling attachments, powers them through all their tillage, ploughing and subsoiling needs. Then the 6R’s hit the dirt for planting, harvesting and finishing. A 4630 self-propelled sprayer rounds out the fleet, while GPS solutions and JD Link system keeps everything optimized and integrated.

What does all this mean for Heppell’s? Two big things – minimized downtime and a consistent, predictable cost per equipment hour. By implementing the best of John Deere’s technological advancements, Heppell’s hard-working employees get the best out of the land every day.

So here’s a tip of the green cap to Pete, Wes, Mias, Jordan, and the entire team at Heppell’s Potato Corp. Keep innovating, guys – we’re with you every step of the way!

Wes Heppell (L) and Pete Schouten (R) lead the modern-day operations of Heppell’s Potato Corp.

A John Deere 7930 working the field on a beautiful day in the Fraser Valley.