Work Hard: Volkmann Tree Farm

posted on Friday, April 7, 2017 in Blog

Volkmann Tree Farm 

You might only think about Christmas trees once a year but for Dick, Regina and Glen Volkmann of Volkmann’s Tree Farm, Christmas trees are a year-round passion.

That passion means they’re tending to trees day-in and day-out on their 20-acre property, located on the southern outskirts of Kelowna, BC. Not only do they have to span their property daily, hauling around equipment and tools, but they also have to spray the trees regularly to ensure they grow healthy and strong.

These loyal John Deere owners were still running a sprayer from the late 1970’s until this past year, when they brought a new unit home. They also recently added X758 and X390 tractors to the operation to help their family and staff work more efficiently throughout the year.

When December finally rolls around, those who frequent the farm are regularly amazed by the family’s knowledge of the various types of trees they grow and the pride they take in seeing a family go home with the perfect Christmas tree. (“Just yodel when you find it!” is a catchphrase heard often during Christmas season.) Plus you can enjoy some hot chocolate and browse their shop in case you need a few more items to put under the tree you’re about to bring home.

We salute the Volkmann’s of Kelowna who work hard all year long to make sure the residents of Kelowna have beautiful Christmas trees to help celebrate the season and create special memories. PCE is honoured to be a part of their lives.

Dick, Regina and Glen Volkmann alongside the family of PCE Sales Rep Dwayne Hojnocki.

A Volkmann Christmas tree adding holiday cheer to the Hojnocki home.