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Play Hard Series: Alpine Meadows

posted on Thursday, June 8, 2017 in Blog

Located about 45 minutes from Hope in BC’s southern region, E. C. Manning Provincial Park is a treasure trove of adventurous activities and sight-seeing opportunities. Easily accessed off the main highway, this PLAY HARD destination is a must for PCE team member, Dawnya Isbell, especially during the summer. 

What makes it so special for her? “The alpine meadows are absolutely stunning in July and August,” says Dawnya. “I love hiking up there. There’s a panoramic view in every direction. You can take a picnic with you and make a day of it, feeding the Whiskey Jacks and enjoying the views.”

To get the full effect of the park, and the trails in particular, it’s recommended that you allow for an overnight stay – or two – if you’re up for it. There’s no lack of space, either, as the park boasts three separate campsites – Nicomen Lake, Buckhorn and Kickinghorse. The hiking trail starts at the base of Blackhorn Peak then joins up with the Heather Trail. Along here, you will also see the Three Brothers Mountains. 

The alpine meadows run along these trails and are at their peak in the summer months. In late June, when the snow is receding, the meadows are covered in Western anemone, spring beauty and glacier lily blooms. The next wave of colour in mid-summer has cinquefoil, lupine and Indian paintbrush.

Take a walk down into the valley and you’ll see quite a difference in the vegetation found there, among them the pretty but deadly Indian hellebore and the cow parsnip, which can reach heights of up to seven feet.

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