New Equipment Performance Plan

New Equipment Performance Plan

Benefits of a Performance Plan:

  • Maintenance can be completed at customers location up to 50km from closest dealership (Travel will be charged beyond the 50km)
  • Maximize performance
  • Less down time
  • Budgeted maintenance costs
  • 1 year warranty - quality parts
  • Professional trained technicians handling the repairs using quality John Deere parts


What's Included:

50 Hr Break in

• Check wheel bolt torque
• Check air filter
• Check radiator coolant level
• Clean and check battery
• Check front axle oil level
• Change engine oil and filter, 
• Change transmission oil and filter
• Clean transmission suction screen
• Lubricate machine

Annual Service

• Clean radiator and oil cooler fins
• Check coolant
• Check air filter elements
• Change engine oil and filter
• Replace fuel filters
• Change transmission oil filter
• Inspect alternator belt,
• Check wheel torque
• Check front axle oil level