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Northern Alberta Wakes up to Winter in September

posted on Friday, September 14, 2018 in Blog

When we think of September weather, we usually think of cooler sunny days, with some rainy days thrown in there. This was not the case for Alberta this year. Farmers in Northern Alberta woke up to their fields blanketed in a late-summer snowfall. This is a concern for farmers because early season snow can crush crops that grow upright, like wheat and barley, make them harder to harvest, and lower their quality.

ar_gv farms grande prairie september snowfall

The conditions for growing this year have been less than ideal. First the late Spring meant late seeding. Then there is some speculation on whether or not BC wildfire smoke stunted the growth of the crops, since the smoke blocked out the direct sun.

The area will need warm, windy weather in order to dry out the crops and to make it possible to get equipment on the land.