Heere's to Moms: Kara & Linda

posted on Sunday, May 13, 2018 in Blog

Heere's to you, moms!


Nominated by her husband Shane, who works out of our Langley location

My wife has made her ENTIRE adult life all about the joy, laughter, heartache, frustration and love of raising our kids. She has done this selflessly and sometimes we, her family take her for granted.

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I have 100's of stories, but I think I'll share the one memory that told me my wife was going to be an amazing mom. When we first started dating, I asked Kara what she wanted out of life and expected the standard answer of " success, travel, career stuff blah, blah, blah.” Much to my surprise without even thinking of an answer she told me "to be an amazing mom", sounds like I'm making this up, but that was her answer. She became a mom at just 18 and has sacrificed her whole adult life to raise our kids.

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I believe my kids are a shining example of how great a mom she is. We are forever getting praised over how polite, thoughtful, confidant, caring and cool our kids are. I wish I could say I had a major hand in this but truth is, I was always the one out working and trying to make ends meet. I really could go on and on about how great my wife is as a mom but that would take too much space. I adore her and think she is an amazing mom who has probably never heard that enough.

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Nominated by her son Kevin, who works out of our Grande Prairie location

My mom has overcome extreme health issues. She had by-pass surgery in 2001 and also has had a liver transplant in 2013. She is the strongest and most optimistic person in the world and I would do anything for her ♥

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She moved to GP in 2006 and left her whole life behind in Winnipeg to be with me and her grandchildren. She always is positive regardless of her situation. Love you mom ?

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