Heere's to Moms: Donna & Melissa

posted on Saturday, May 12, 2018 in Blog

Here are today's featured moms, heere's to you, Donna & Melissa!


Nominated by the Grande Prairie Service Technicians

Alex's mom came in on Easter Monday with a giant egg filled with goodies for the PCE team (well the techs at least)... and we all know that if the techs are happy all is well in the world.

donna 1

donna 2

From Alex:

Here is “Mother” Donna, or picture lady as my teammates from football called her in high school, or Mama Stew as they call her now. Now that I am working at Prairie Coast Equipment she is carrying on her tradition of doing special things for me, my co-workers and teammates. Whether it was taking team and action pictures for us, or helping make meals for the coaches who had worked all day and went straight to football practice and missed their dinner or making candy treats for us at PrairieCoast she is always helping make someone else smile.

donna 3

Melissa | Chilliwack

I have seen Melissa with her kids, she is just amazing - so calm and friendly. She would honestly put her kids and everyone first before herself. She’s always just so friendly and makes sure her kids are well taken care of.

We went food shopping and she had her son with her. We were goofing around and she laughed so hard she almost snorted when her son and myself were running around the store. She then had two kids to watch instead of just her son. It was entertaining for all who saw.

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