Canadian Stereotypes

posted on Friday, June 29, 2018 in Blog

Welcome to Canada, where the maple syrup is sweet and the stereotypes are even sweeter.

We're proud to celebrate 151 years of our country, so we thought we'd embrace the funny cliche's and stereotypes that come along with the true North, strong and free!

Canadian Stereotype Maple Syrup

Canada is known to the rest of the world as being a very peaceful nation...

Canada Riot

and we like to give back to our fellow Canadians whenever we can.

Canada Day Tim Hortons

When a Canadian tries to live off the edge a little...

Canadian Graffiti

We also tend to apologize for everything, even when it's not our fault. We're sorry about that.

Canada Apologizing

We're also known for having pretty harsh winters.

Canada Snow

But contrary to popular belief, yes we do get summer. And no we do not live in igloos.

Canadian Summer

But we will admit that going from a 25 degree beach day to a -10 snow day the next day is not uncommon.

Canadian Summer

Every Canadian can relate to this one... thanks Bob and Doug

Canada Snow Shoveling

This has caused many debates...

Canadian Money

The amount of Moose you see up North would actually surprise you

Canadian Car Wash

As much as we poke fun at our country, we are proud to be Canadian.

Canada Day Moose

Happy 151 years, Canada!

Canadian Beer