Staff Testimonials

Over the years Prairiecoast has always encouraged and supported my professional growth. Especially this past year, I have learned so much about different aspects of the organization.

Donna, Accounting

11 years with PrairieCoast



Coming from a truck driving job, I had no idea what to expect in an environment completely new to me. But with the help of great training resources and a staff that works together super well, it has been a great start to a hopefully long career in this industry.

Darryl, Parts Salesperson

4 years with PrairieCoast


PrairieCoast has offered me vast opportunity and career development. When I first started as a parts person, I never imagined myself being in the regional manager position I am today with a personal investment in the company. The diversity in what’s offered to our industries really provides a chance to experience different things. I couldn’t ask for a better working environment and that’s greatly due to the people here at PrairieCoast and our customers.

Ryan, Prairie Region Turf Sales Manager

11 years with PrairieCoast


I'm very satisfied with my time at PrairieCoast. The company has been very good to me & I enjoy my co-workers.

Shane, Parts Salesperson

6 years with PrairieCoast

Jordan I work in Fairview at Prairie Coast Equipment, and I've been here for 4 going on 5 years and its been great. I didn't grow up here but the community and people I work with have made me feel like a local.

Jordan, Precision Ag Consultant

4 years with PrairieCoast


PrairieCoast is full of great people from the top down. Constantly looking for ways to further improve our company is a culture shared by all employees.

Blair, Service Manager

6 years with PrairieCoast